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(Graham) It all depends on that country’s government’s current immigration appetite. E.g. if the employee is a foreigner coming into Singapore, GP will usually assist in the sponsorship process subject to Employment Pass regulations via our own Employer of Record platform again. However, there is no silver bullet to getting EPs or other visas now, given the Ministry of Manpower’s intentional tightening of EP criteria. We are currently bearish on MoM’s immigration sentiment, especially after the Ministry’s decision to curb Dependant Passes. We do not guarantee visa success, although we probably will have a higher chance of success for PEP visas. Of course, we constantly review and revise our own capabilities with visa sponsorship, and we too are waiting to see if and when MoM relaxes its grip on the EP visa process.

At the same time, with our compliant platform and the widely accepted trend in remote working, we offer another workaround:
• if it’s too difficult to have the expat employee relocate here, and
• their actual physical presence is not required for their job,

We are able to act on behalf of the employer and hire them in that employee’s home country legally. The benefit of doing this is providing that employee with all of the benefits and protections they would expect in their country e.g. pension/insurance/annual leave entitlements. This also benefits the employer, because we also enforce strict Intellectual Property protections via our EOR-based contracts to ensure that the employer’s IP is always protected even if that Professional stays in their home country. In this way, you can hire theoretically anyone, anywhere compliantly (with our reach extending across 187 countries) without having to worry about having them relocate at all.

Answered by : Graham Lim Partnerships and Alliances APAC, Globalization Partners