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Opening, Welcome Speech & Building Trust with and in Tech

Building Trust with and in TechWho do you trust in your circles? How do you build them?What is it about the person that inspires your confidence in them?Who trusts you? How can you magnify organizational trust using tech?

Recruitment and Talent Attraction Series

Attracting Talent – How a Fintech like Nium does it How does NIUM generate talent interest in their organization?

Employee Screening Series

AI in HR – How can we build Ethics into AI How do you assess your organization’s Ethical Readiness if you were to adopt an AI solution for HR?

Engagement and Performance Management Series

Engaging a virtual workforce – How do you increase employee engagement with Tech? How does tech driven employee engagement look like?

Panel Discussion Series (2)

Social Media impacts on HR – Hear from our panelists about organisational best practices Do you have any Social Media policies?

Employee Lifecycle & Employer Branding

Culture and the Employee Experience – Creating the right environments for Engagement What engagement strategies can you come up with in your organization?

Panel Discussion Series (1)

Is Tech driving the gig economy? – Hear from our panelists on how to ride this wave

Onboarding Series

Privacy in the Cloud – How can we better secure employee and client data in the Cloud?

Training and Development Series

How to increase productivity and efficiency through VR eLearning? How have you assessed your L&D infrastructure during the pandemic?

Leadership Series & Closing

Getting that brilliant job – 6 things to know